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Opt for a team with extensive knowledge.

Organizing the most significant day of your life can be a challenging task, which is why it's essential to surround yourself with a team of experts capable of managing your event. Our team is well-informed and eager to assist in tailoring every aspect of your big day to your preferences and requirements. Once every detail is meticulously arranged, all that's left is to bring together the bride and groom!


"Working with Rachel and the FM team was a great experience. The entire FM staff kept us calm and on time for what is a very hectic day. T (can never remember how to spell her name) was an excellent bridal attendant all day. The staff worked seamlessly with the outside vendors we chose which made it even easier for us to focus on the minor details. Everyone knows the food will always be amazing at an FM event. The way the night flowed from ceremony, to the cocktail hour, and lastly to the party was effortless. Months of planning flowed smoothly and we had the upmost confidence in FM team to follow our vision. Our wedding was everything we could have ever hoped for and that is a huge part because of how easy it was to work with the FM team."


We love adding a personal touch to your big day! That's why we're all about crafting a one-of-a-kind signature cocktail just for the bride and groom. Picture this: a drink that captures their personalities and the vibe of the celebration perfectly. We're talking about hand-picking ingredients, mixing up flavors, and serving it with flair. It's not just a drink; it's a memory in a glass, guaranteed to make their special night even more unforgettable

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